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Sanjeevani Philosophy

Home is not where you live, but where they understand you...
Christian Morganstern

Welcome to Sanjeevani & as the wise man has said ,over the years in this industry, I have understood two things about building a good home which I would like to share with you. One is, it's not something just the four walls or costly interior or a panoramic view or Hi- end amenities ! It's something combination of so many factors & the builder's approach to them which makes a Good Home! And another is, you don't define good homes for other, its a feeling which the person living in only can express, you can just try for building one!

At Sanjeevani we try to imagine ourselves as a home buyer & then imagine living in the same home. A simple yet hard to adopt concept but once digested, it makes the whole business a real fun to work with! As it helps us in self improvement & set new bars for us only on all fronts which includes right from giving information to the customers to planning of the homes & even maintenance of the faults also!

To plan & build a home is sheer experience of creation for us & for one bit we don't forget that we are in business only because of so many of the customers who trust us for their Home Hunt! And to stand to this trust is real challenge, as with changing times needs are also changing. And we try to build a home which will fulfill every need a man can have from a home. After all perfection is ever going race!

Do visit our web site & try to ask as many questions & we will surely honor each of them as from those questions only we will be able to serve you better for getting your Own Desired Home!

Sanjay Deshpande & Team Sanjeevani

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